Castle’s Proposal

Season 5 – When Does Castle Propose?

Located in California, Hearst Castle is a one-of-a-kind mansion that’s perfect for a romantic proposal. The estate has been visited by celebrities and politicians alike, including famous stars like Greta Garbo and Charlie Chaplin.

In the episode “Kill Shot”, Castle worries about Beckett’s PTSD after her sniper case. He tries to help her overcome it by encouraging her to see her therapist.

1. In the Season 5 episode “The Final Frontier”

Kate Beckett has made it to the top of the 12th precinct, but her job is not all that it’s cracked up to be. She becomes frustrated with Castle when he re-opens the case of her mother’s murder.

At a convention for science fiction fans, a body is found in one of the booths and the evidence points to dirty cops.

2. In the Season 6 episode “The Limey”

At first, Beckett fends Castle off, but soon enough she succumbs to his flirtations with a blonde airline stewardess. She admits to herself that she likes him, too.

Then, on a swing set, he pulls her aside and tells her that he wants to be her partner forever. Fans were left wondering if she would say yes. Fortunately, she did! It’s true love, after all.

3. In the Season 7 episode “Headhunters”

Beckett was surprised when Castle came to the swings thinking their fight from the previous episode was over and got down on one knee and proposed. She accepted.

He then offered her coffee and she was happy to accept it but when she realized that he just wanted to learn more about Slaughter she pushed him away. She was trying to protect him.

4. In the Season 8 episode “Setup”

Castle and Beckett have a fight after he re-opens her mother’s murder case. He wants to end their relationship but she says no.

She then dispenses parenting advice to Alexis, who is entering her wild child phase. She also explains that she sees Castle as more than just a friend or partner. He agrees. He proposes. She accepts. They live happily ever after.

5. In the Season 9 episode “Significant Others”

After Beckett survives being shot by a sniper, Castle tells her that he loves her. However, she does not remember hearing him say this and instead takes three months to recover. Encouraged by Lanie, she tries to tell Castle but he doesn’t return her feelings and instead teams up with another detective.

Castle later realizes that she has PTSD from the incident and begs Esposito to help her overcome it. He helps her and they kiss.

6. In the Season 10 episode “A Deadly Game”

After Castle confronts Beckett for ignoring her professional priorities, she requests that he end their partnership. But, when he pulls out a ring and proposes, she says yes.

When he discovers that Beckett is planning to spend her Memorial Day weekend with Demming, he makes a last attempt to win her back by inviting her on a beach vacation. Unfortunately, she turns him down.

7. In the Season 11 episode “Poof! You’re Dead”

In this episode, Castle tells Beckett he loves her. She says she doesn’t love him back, but he insists.

The pair investigate the murder of the owner of a historic magic shop found dead in a Houdini-style water tank. Meanwhile, Lanie and Esposito try to keep their relationship secret and Castle ends his relationship with Gina.

In addition, Montgomery tries to blackmail Beckett to stay off her mother’s case. This leads to a dramatic showdown between them.

8. In the Season 12 episode “When the Bough Breaks”

After Beckett was shot she developed a hardened exterior. She wouldn’t let anyone get too close to her and even refused Castle’s love for her.

However, she relented and allowed him to pursue her mother’s case. When they met on a swing set, Castle got down on one knee and proposed to Beckett. She accepted. It was her most memorable moment this season.

9. In the Season 13 episode “Secret’s Safe with Me”

When Beckett accepts a plum new job in Washington, D.C., she keeps it a secret from Castle. This causes her to reevaluate their relationship.

While working on a case, Castle realizes that Beckett has PTSD from her sniper shooting and tries to help her overcome it. This leads to them having a very intimate moment. Then, he proposes! This is one of the most memorable scenes from the show.

10. In the Season 14 episode “A Death in the Family”

Castle proposed to Beckett in the Season 5 episode “Watershed”. She was shocked and didn’t answer right away, but she eventually accepted in the season 6 premiere.

After four seasons of “will they or won’t they”, Beckett and Castle finally slept together, delighting legions of Caskett shippers. They also made it clear that they’re not finished with their case of finding who ordered her mother’s murder.

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