Convenient and Comprehensive Healthcare Services at UCHealth Castle Rock Primary Care Physician

UCHealth Castle Rock Primary Care Physician

UCHealth primary care physicians treat many common illnesses and injuries that don’t require the attention of a specialist. They also provide school, camp and sports physicals.

Patients can get flu vaccines at most locations this year. They’ll roll down their window, complete quick paperwork and receive the shot without leaving their car.

Convenient Hours

The Castle Rock UCHealth Urgent Care clinic is conveniently located at 4404 Barranca Ln and offers a number of services, including asthma treatment, allergy testing, ear cleaning, foreign body removal, flu vaccines, strep tests, and X-ray services. They are also equipped to handle minor injuries like laceration repair (stitches), IV hydration, and burn treatment.

The facility accepts most major insurance plans, including PPOs, HMOs, and Medicare, as well as self-pay options. The staff at this location is bilingual and dedicated to providing high-quality healthcare in a comfortable environment.

UCHealth is an award-winning, national health system with hospitals and specialty care throughout Colorado and the Southwest. With convenient online and mobile apps, patients can schedule virtual urgent care visits, refill prescriptions, email doctors, and access medical records. Its comprehensive services and commitment to patient care make it a top choice for families in the area. Its advanced technology is backed by the expertise of more than 11,000 physicians and support staff.

Flu Vaccinations

Vaccines have greatly reduced and even eliminated many infectious diseases that used to hurt and kill people of all ages. Yet a handful of serious diseases still exist. The flu, for example – a contagious virus that hospitalizes and sometimes kills thousands each year. And whooping cough (pertussis), which is caused by the same virus that causes chickenpox and can resurface years later as shingles.

Everybody six months and older should receive the seasonal flu vaccine each year, especially those with chronic health conditions, pregnant women and adults 65 and older. The flu is constantly evolving, so vaccines need to be updated annually to ensure protection against the current strains. UCHealth has several clinics offering curbside flu shots at certain times during the season. Check in online for convenient, fast service and to save your place in line. You can also book a flu shot visit at your primary care provider’s office, urgent care or retail clinic.

Sports Physicals

Many states, including Colorado, require sports physicals for teens before they can participate in school or community sports. These exams, also known as pre-participation physical examinations, review the teen’s medical history and determine whether they have anything that could prevent them from safely participating in a specific sport. They usually include an examination of the teen’s eyes, heart, lungs, joints and muscles, notes Texas A&M University. In addition, doctors may ask about any allergies, serious illnesses in the family and medications that the teen takes.

UCHealth urgent care locations, including the one in Castle Rock, offer these physicals with or without an appointment for $30. In some cases, the exam can be included as part of an annual well-child visit. The clinic’s website provides an online queue, which allows parents to get in line ahead of the normal wait time. The facility also accepts most insurances, although the site recommends calling the office to verify coverage and services.

Occupational Medicine

UCHealth’s occupational medicine specialists will help your injured employee return to work in a safe and timely manner. They will also conduct health assessments and provide recommendations for a safe working environment. They offer Virtual Visits for worker’s comp follow-up and closing visits.

The clinic is equipped to handle common lab services like flu, strep and TB testing and chest X-rays. They can also perform laceration repair (stitches) and wound care. They also have the ability to handle more serious injuries, such as broken bones or burns.

The clinic is conveniently located at 4404 Barranca Ln in Castle Rock. It accepts most major insurances and offers self-pay prices through Solv. The website provides helpful information for patients, including a list of common services and their costs. It also allows users to make appointments, refill prescriptions, and email their doctors. The clinic is a great choice for anyone looking for convenient urgent medical care.

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