Grey Towers Castle

Grey Towers Castle – The Perfect Wedding Venue

Located on Arcadia University’s picturesque campus, Grey Towers Castle is the ideal location for an elegant wedding experience. The Dining, Rose and Laura Minerva Korman Mirror rooms provide luxurious spaces for cocktail hours and receptions.

Say “I do” in the onsite Chapel, dine and dance in one of the grand rooms and then retire to your bridal suite. Everything is within easy reach, creating a seamless and exceptional day for you and your guests.

State Drawing Room

Designed with 19th Century hand-painted chinoiserie wallpaper, this large and luxurious space is a welcome place to gather as a family and reconnect. It has beautiful views, a large fireplace and wood log fires.

The intricate statue in the center of this room, a symbol of purity and the castle’s most important piece of art, can only be unlocked with three masks. To the left of the statue is a typewriter and to the right is a door leading to the State Dining Room. The first enemy in this corridor is a Tyrant-esque enemy — it’s best to avoid him. Across the way is a large table with some Handgun Ammo, and next to that is a locked briefcase.

With 6 beautifully restored reception rooms and a Chapel, Rose Castle is a blank canvas to make your dream wedding come to life. Secluded within 60 acres, it has beautiful gardens and cosy nooks for your guests to enjoy, as well as spectacular views of the Cumbria countryside.

Bishops Study

With a history steeped in war and peace, the Bishops Study was once the official home, palace and battle fortress of 63 Bishops of Carlisle. Today it is owned and occupied by Rose Castle Company, an organisation committed to building peace.

A new chapter for this historic home is now open. In 2016, the company purchased Rose Castle from the Church Commissioners to transform it into an international centre for reconciliation.

Work has already started on bringing the castle up to 21st Century standards of comfort, including upgrading bedrooms and bathrooms. The new owners are committed to continuing the foundation’s legacy of welcoming people from different religions and cultures who are keen to build a world free from division and violence. They do this through a practice called Scriptural Reasoning, which helps participants learn from each other’s sacred texts and traditions. This approach is designed to empower individuals and communities to transform conflict. They are supported by the Rose Castle Foundation and by a network of other organisations around the world.

State Dining Room

The Dining Room is a beautiful space for hosting a house dinner. Guests are welcomed to gather here after a long day to relax and enjoy an evening of fine food and drinks.

In the center of this room are two thrones, beneath which stands a dramatic canopy that covers the king and queen during ceremonial occasions. Statues by William Theed, symbolizing History and Fame, adorn the triumphal arch above the thrones.

On the far side of the room are a series of statues depicting various states of death. The order of the deaths is important, as it will reveal a secret in the room beyond. Activating all four statues will unlock the door in the nearby corridor.

This area contains a few enemies and a Monocular Key in a nearby cabinet. In the adjacent Dressing Room, there is White Sage and a locked door. This is where Rose’s Cell Key is located. The key opens a chest in the nearby Salon, containing Gunpowder and an enemy.

Marquee or Pavilion

Licensed for religious, humanist and civil ceremonies the venue has many beautiful options to host your special day. The Great Hall inside the medieval Auld Keep holds up to 100 guests or you could opt for a ceremony in the Croquet Room. For those seeking an outdoor wedding there’s the Victorian Rose Garden whose scented blooms and wooded glade of exotic trees brought back from the early voyages to America provide a romantic backdrop.

During your exclusive hire period you and your guests can make use of all the state rooms and grounds. Whether that’s for a magnificent two-day party or an intimate ceremony with afternoon tea.

Then, after a delicious BBQ feast, you can dance the night away under an add-on marquee that seats 200 guests for dinner and dancing with enchanting views of the Orchard and gardens. This is the perfect way to create a memorable day that’s all your own.

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